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Real estate broker


With Sandra Binette’s passion for people and her veritable love affair with real estate, it was natural for her to be a broker.

Sandra has a knack for human relations, and her from-the-heart sincerity is appreciated by her customers. Dedicated and energetic, she’s a great listener and excels at explaining the most complex concepts in the simplest possible terms. Ask her your questions: she has the answers!

Sandra developed the First-Time Buyer Clinic, and she invites consumers to attend it in order to help them understand what is involved in their future transaction, as well as all the stages in it.

Sandra Binette
(450) 656-9000


Real estate broker


François is a born entrepreneur. He has an undeniable flair, works with hard facts and likes to be on top of the situation at all times.

His approach to real estate is the same as Sandra’s when it comes to transparency and integrity, the Binette-Leduc team’s two core values. François Leduc keeps a finger on the pulse of the market in the Montérégie and neighboring regions. He especially likes the advisory aspect of his work as a broker.

His analytical and rational side is the perfect complement to the warm, intuitive approach taken by his partner.

François Leduc
(450) 656-9000
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